If you’re facing a DUI charge in San Diego, you will want to get up to speed on the laws and consequences of DUI and how to find a good San Diego DUI lawyer. The possible repercussions of being convicted will differ based on a few factors, outlined in this article.

In California, the DUI penalty system escalates based on how many times you have been convicted of a DUI in the past. If it is your first DUI, the penalty is a minimum of 48 hours, up to six months, in a County Jail, plus a fine of between $390 and $1000 dollars. The severity of the punishment in this instance will be based on how drunk you were when arrested and whether or not your actions caused damage to people and property.

The penalties are greater if you are facing a second, third or fourth DUI conviction. In the case of a second charge the fines are the same, but the minimum jail term is 90 days and the maximum is one year. For a third conviction the fines are again the same but the minimum sentence is 120 days in jail. For the fourth conviction the penalties stay the same, but the minimum jail sentence rises to 180 days.

A judge will also typically order you to attend an alcohol rehabilitation program as a part of your penalty. There are also license restrictions, although you will usually be allowed to drive to and from work. However, after the third offense your license will probably be revoked altogether, and this is the point where your DUI convictions will start to have serious consequences for your employability. If you are facing a DUI charge and you have a previous conviction, or multiple convictions, you will seriously have to consider finding a good San Diego DUI lawyer to give you the best chance at ensuring the charge doesn’t have too much impact on your future.

If you are looking for a San Diego DUI attorney, you best bet is to go for someone who specializes in DUI cases in particular. Try to find someone with a proven track record of defending DUI cases. It may cost you more, but it could be worth it in the long run when you consider that a DUI conviction can affect your current employment as well as possibly restricting your future job opportunities.